How We Work

Let’s dive in.

A Good Concept

Marketing and Public Relations usually need to operate quickly and are deadline-driven. Being the first with certain news, products or services can be vital. Speed alone, however, is not the solution. All marketing and PR activities require an overall strategy and a sound concept. At Lenssen Media, we ask our clients about their underlying strategy and concept, or, if requested, we develop a suggestion for a strategy and concept, to ensure that all our activities will lead to the best possible results for our clients. To begin our deep dive, we’ll start with a workshop.

An Integrated Marketing Approach

Marketing a product is like telling a story. You define the characters; you develop a story line, you think about a setting, you do research, you write the story, you edit and re-edit it, you illustrate it; you think about a nice book cover and so on. In marketing, your story is only a good story, if it integrates all necessary marketing tools. And that does not only include the departments that have the word “marketing” on their business cards.

Integrated¬†marketing” means developing a story and a framework that will be the basis for all your activities, be it digital marketing, direct marketing, advertising, packaging, product brochures, event marketing, channel marketing, sales promotion or Public Relations. An integrated approach does not mean that you have to use all possible marketing tools, and certainly not all in the same way. But your concept will define which tools you will use and what story you will tell. And this story will be basically the same for all your marketing tools.

We know that outsourcing individual marketing or PR tasks, such as writing web content or a press release or creating a product presentation, can hit you in the back like a boomerang, if all you get is a fancy-sparkling-multi-colored- multimedia-solution-with-all-the-bells-and-whistles that might look great at first glance, but just tells the wrong story.

At Lenssen Media, we always listen to the stories our clients tell us first. We can give you our feedback and ideas regarding your story, and we will be interested in your choice of marketing tools. We will then start the project, based on all this background knowledge, thus making sure that our part will seamlessly integrate into your overall concept.

Being the Target Group

Marketing professionals all over the world know that products and services are not sold because their company wants to sell them, but because somebody wants to buy them or, in many cases, because a demand has been created with customers one way or another. So the target group is the decisive link in the chain. This meanwhile being basic marketing knowledge, one would assume that all marketing is target group-oriented. But no. Sometimes it does not seem that easy to really understand the target group.

For Lenssen Media, however, this is an essential part of our work. Whoever your target group is and whatever your products or services are, we will make sure that we understand. We want to know, understand, feel, breath, even be your target group. We will go where they are. We will speak their language. We will hit their nerve. Because that makes our work authentic. And it makes your company, products or services authentic. And authenticity sells.

Transferring a Spirit

We believe in transferring a spirit, not just words, pictures or sounds. No text, no photograph, no graphic design, no video, no social media post, no corporate brochure and no website will achieve anything, if they do not manage to create a certain feeling with the customer, a spirit that will be powerful enough to carry a brand. That spirit will differentiate you and your products from anybody else out there in your market. That spirit will make you unique.

In the end, it’s all about the right spirit. We, at Lenssen Media, are driven by our own spirit, and we are convinced that this spirit, together with our experience, is what makes us excellent communications experts. What we do, comes from the heart. What we give, we give with both hands. And how we feel about our work has a lot to do with the spirit expressed by those two girls in the picture on our homepage having the time of their lives. We are sure you will catch that spirit with us!